At times, the words which people used to make the argument that photography is in fact art, are arranged in print so as to flow.  These streams of words are well crafted, thoughtfully designed and laid down on the foundation of paper in a manufactured way, not in a natural, unpredictably beautiful and wild way.  Words recorded with the intent of being repeatedly read by strangers from the future.  At times, these words are thought provoking, emotion stirring and complimentary to the image they accompany.  Other times they are just noise, a distraction, unnecessary, dirty, irritating contamination of one’s own thoughts.

Sometimes all we need to do is be still, focus our attention on the image, as if looking out of a window on a rainy day, and let the image take our mind on a journey, unimpeded by the historical words of another.

Words, or words and images, or no words, as in ‘no words can describe’ the thoughts and emotions that you should have or will have in response to photography as art.

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